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Amber Fossil Rings in Silver

Amber-Fossil-Silver-Rings.pngPlenty and Easy to Buy: We have a great selection of amber fossil rings crafted in sterling silver to fit every budget. These rings are set in silver according to the amber fossil stones available and not every ring size is available in each design. If you find your ring size, we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity because unique and beautiful designs do not last too long. Although we get new designs frequently, no two designs in amber fossil are alike - unlike the regular gold, diamond and platinum standard rings!

Evidence of Prehistoric Life Forms in Amber: Amber has a valuable place in the scientific community as its unique form of preserving fossils is unparalleled. This type of preservation has assisted scientists in the reconstruction of lost ecosystems and extinct organisms. Some of these organisms can be dated back almost 130 million years. With this type of composition in the resin it is unfortunately, limited in the reconstruction of the type of tree that produced it. This resin contains the organic life forms that became caught in the secretion.