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Amber Fossil Silver Pendants

almebr-fossil-pendants-in-silver.pngWhat is an Amber Inclusion? An inclusion in amber is an insect, plant or other object trapped in resin which oozed from trees millions of years ago. The circumstances through which inclusions are trapped in amber could be infinite; a leaf falling into a pool of resin, an insect trapped in a falling drop, a swarm of flies accidentally landing on the tacky bark of an ancient amber tree.

Amber has Preserved Pre-Historic Organisms: Amber is fossilized resin. It preserved all kinds of organisms, from microbes, plants, insects and spiders to small vertebrates, that made contact with the sticky substance. The fossils are preserved with minute details of their morphology. One of the most fascinating aspects of amber is the inclusions which are infrequently found within it. Some of these inclusions in the form of plants and insects are more than 100 millions years old but look as though they were trapped yesterday! Our amber fossil jewelry is authentic and each purchase wll come with a certificate of authenticity and 30 day return guarantee.