Hand Carved Zodian Sign Amber Cameo Pendants in Sterling Silver

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Cameo Zodiac Pendants

We Guarantee Quality
zodiac-sign-amber-pendants.pngOur cameos pendants, rings and earrings are high quality and unique. Unlike most cameos available in shops today, our cameos are not made of cast or glue design. Each cameo amber stone is individually hand carved and we stand behind our product quality and workmanship. Your order will come a certificate of authenticity and an unconditional 30-day return guarantee.

The Ancient Art of Cameo Design:
Since the Hellenic Age, kings, queens, knights and wealthy citizens of ancient cultures possessed hand carved cameos to demonstrate their wealth and rich taste in fine things of life. There are 2 unique methods of designing cameos. We use the "Intaglio" method that uses carving a cameo design from the back of the stone while the "Relief" method does carving the stone from the front. The word cameo is believed to have originated from the Hebrew word KAMEA that means a charm or amulet or Latin word CAMMAEUS meaning "engraved gem".