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How to Care for Amber

How to Care for Amber

amber-fossil-amber-inclusions.pngAmber is unique because the stones are still "alive" and interacting with the environment around it. The color of amber may change over time to make the piece even more unique. Amber has withstood for a millennia, however, it is also fragile. But caring for your amber is easy.

Amber is brittle, so take care to avoid coming into contact with sharp or hard surfaces. Because amber is a soft stone, it may be easy to scratch. Make sure to always gently set your amber jewelry down instead of throwing in a jewelry box. This is true of any type of carved amber designs. This is not to say you should be anxious when handling your amber jewelry, just be careful and your piece will last a long time.

Be sure to always keep your amber away from solvents, this includes chlorinated water, hairspray and any type of perfume. When not wearing your amber jewelry be sure to wrap and store it away from direct sunlight and make sure to hang any beaded amber necklace to help with maintaining the drape of the piece and avoid any tangles.

To maintain the luster of the amber, apply a small drop of olive oil and rub gently with a soft flannel rag. If your amber is set in sterling silver, do not use a silver polish cleaner. Instead, use a silver polishing cloth to remove the tarnish from the silver.

Amber Ages with Time

Amber stones are considered alive and still breathing. With the amber still interacting with the environment around, the color may change with time. This is expected and will cause the amber to become even more unique.

How can you Slow Down this Process?

Amber is one of the few precious minerals that benefits from your touch. The oils from your skin will assist in the prevention of corrosion and the amber becoming brittle. These oils from your skin will coat the amber. So the more you handle amber, the more oils from your skin will rub off and protect it.

Important Tips about Caring for your Amber

When caring for your amber jewelry make sure no tough chemical substances are used. This includes soaps and detergents. Amber will oxidize over time and will make amber even more unique.

The Tuttle Wax Trick

Many dealers use this trick. Turtle Wax or any similar type soft silicon car wax will work. Applied once a year and buffed will help to slow down the amber from becoming brittle, and bringing out the shine of the amber.

The "Don'ts" about Amber Care

  • Never store amber where it may rub against anything that might damage or chip it. Take care when putting amber away so that it doesn't touch other pieces of jewelry as they may scratch the amber.
  • Do not expose amber to any soaps, detergents, ultrasonic cleaners, jewelry cleaner agents, any perfumes or hair products.
  • Do not place or expose amber jewelry to heat or by a heater.
  • Cleaning amber in warm water and a soft towel to dry will keep it clean. A drop of oil will make the amber shine.
  • Make sure to put on any make-up, hairspray or perfume before wearing your amber. The components in these products will forever ruin your amber.

Types of Amber