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Russian Amber Fossil Loose Stone ALST0003

  • Russian Amber Fossil Loose Stone ALST0003
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Russian Amber Fossil Loose Stone ALST0003

Price:   $180
4.00 Grams
Ready to Wear and Certified Fossil Jewelry. In Stock and Ships the Same Day
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Product Dimensions:  
Product Weight: 4 Grams
Design Dimensions: Length = 31.62 MM, Width = 26.47 MM, Total Weight = 4 Grams, Make Origin = Vilnius, Lithuania, Get an Extra Assurance of Quality! This amber fossil stone comes with an additional "Certificate of identification detailing the inclusions including the age of the fossil, origin of the stone and the scientific description of the organic inclusion.
Product Color: Orange
Metal Used:  
Stone Dimensions: Length = 31.62 MM, Width = 26.47 MM, Depth = 7.74 MM, Stone Shape = Oval, Stone Origin = Kaliningrad Mines (Russia)
Make Origin: Vilnius, Lithuania
Stone(s) Used: Amber
Stone Origin: Kaliningrad Mines (Russia)
Stone Shape: Oval

Amber Fossil Jewelry

Genuine Amber Stones are Inspected by Gemologists: Our amber fossil loose stones have been checked and inclusions have been scientifically documented on the "Certificate of Identification" that you will receive. Wear this ancient inclusion in amber on your finger to remind the message of victory of threats, survival of beauty over destruction for years to come!

Amber is a Miracle of Mother Nature: Amber is a whisper from the ancient past It takes millions of years for amber to fossilize. Amber is a fossilized resin and has preserved pre-historic organisms that walked this Earth millions of years ago. It preserved all kinds of organisms ranging from microbes, plants, insects and spiders to small vertebrates, that made contact with the sticky substance. The fossils are preserved with minute details of their morphology. One of the most fascinating aspects of amber is the inclusions which are infrequently found within it. Some of these inclusions in the form of plants and insects are more than 100 millions years old but look as though they were trapped yesterday! This amber jewelry design includes one of those unique amber stones that is crafted by our expert Lithuanian artisans for you.

Warranty Information

authenticity-certificate-layered.pngWe Take Pride Packing Your Order Box!
We make every attempt to ensure that your purchase is inspected, packed and shipped properly. We ship all orders the same day as soon after your payment is successfully processed. Your order box will include your purchase, an authenticity card, a free bright color velour pouch, a free pendant or ring velvet jewelry box and of course the 30 day return guarantee.

A Miracle of Nature Right in Your Hands! 

  • We design each pendant by hand because each amber stone is unique with its inclusions and the art resides in knowing how to bring out the beauty of the prehistoric inclusion in the stones when the jewelry is worn. Our amber jewelry artisans in Lithuania and Poland know the skills in crafting amber fossil jewelry for generations and we bring them directly to your home with lowest prices. Pick the best designs while in stock!
  • We use precious metals like sterling silver 0.925, gold and platinum.
  • We use only top quality Baltic amber and not fake look alikes like copal, fenolic resin or caseins
  • Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Each order comes with a 30 day return guarantee. If not satisfied, return your order for a full refund (less shipping). We do not charge restocking fees ever
  • Please refer to our "Return Requirements" section on the 'Shipping & Returns' page
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